WaveWall – Anti-Radiation Phone Case

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WaveWall - Anti-Radiation Phone Case


In recent years, there has been a growing awareness of the danger posed by electromagnetic radiation. As a result, scientists have looked at several areas of risk, and there are now multiple studies to support the conclusion that mobile radiation represents a significant threat. The most severe consequence of exposure to electromagnetic radiation is the potential increased risk of infertility, cancer and genetic damage.


WaveWall is an innovative and stylish anti-radiation phone case that safeguards your health by reducing the mobile phone radiation your body absorbs by more than 85%. Each handcrafted black leather case has a striking, sophisticated look with a choice of contrasting stitching and soft lining. All cases fit snugly around your phone to keep it safe and secure. The contrasting pull tag not only looks great, but also makes it easy to remove your phone from the case. The unique shielding material in WaveWall is only on the side of the case nearest your body, so your phone can still send and receive messages, calls and data as norma!


How does it work?

Independent testing has shown that WaveWall reduces the amount of mobile phone radiation that reaches your body by more than 85%. But how does it do this?


WaveWall’s patent-pending design incorporates a unique fabric constructed from metallic fibres. A layer of this fabric is sandwiched between the leather on one side of the case and its microfibre lining. Although you cannot see the metallic fabric, whenever your phone is switched on this protective layer is defending you from the harmful electromagnetic radiation that your mobile produces.


When the WaveWall case is placed the correct way round in your pocket, the metallic fabric redirects radiation away from your private regions. The way it works is that the metallic fibres in the fabric act like a Faraday cage, dissipating the electromagnetic microwaves before they reach your body. You can understand this easily if you think of the microwaves as being larger than the tiny gaps between the metallic fibres, and therefore unable to pass between them. Instead of penetrating the metallic fabric, the microwaves just bounce off.


The basic concept of using metal shielding to deflect electromagnetism is tried and tested, and has been used for years. What makes WaveWall unique is the way we have adapted the concept to create a discrete, convenient and easily portable ‘shield’ to allow safe use of a mobile phone.

Safe and effective, without interfering with your mobile’s reception.

A particular feature of WaveWall is that although it stops radiation from reaching your body, it does not interfere at all with your mobile phone’s reception. This is because the protective fabric is only situated on the side of the case that goes next to your body (the flat side without the tab). The rest of the case is just normal leather, so your phone can still receive and send data as usual. By using WaveWall you no longer have to compromise between the convenience of your mobile phone, and worrying about the risk it poses to your fertility.


How do I know that WaveWall really works?

WaveWall was subjected to independent SAR testing in September 2014, carried out by a specialist UK testing laboratory, UL Verification Services, Ltd. The results showed that our case reduces the electromagnetic radiation reaching your body by 87%.


A SAR test (Specific Absorption Rate test) is the internationally established scientific standard for measuring the amount of radiation being emitted from a wireless device such as a mobile phone. SAR tests apply exacting standards and have to be conducted according to rigid scientific procedures.

Does it matter which way round I put the WaveWall case into my pocket?

Yes. The shielding technology that is the active component of WaveWall is situated on the flat side of the case. In order for the WaveWall case to work, you need to place it into your pocket with the flat side against your leg and the tab side facing outwards. This will ensure that the protective metallic fabric inside the case is in the correct position to prevent radiation from reaching your body, but that it does not in any way interfere with your mobile sending and receiving data or making and receiving calls.

Does it matter which way I put my phone into the WaveWall case?

No. In terms of WaveWall protecting you from radiation, it does not make any difference which way you put your phone into the case. As long as the WaveWall case is placed in your pocket the right way round (see the question above), it will intercept the radiation your phone produces. However, when thinking about the best way to protect your phone against damage, we recommend placing the phone screen against the flat side of the case. This will ensure that the WaveWall case provides the optimum physical protection for your phone.



I bought one of these for my son. So pleased by the quality of the leather. I bought the green one and the colour is great!
– Pamela


I love my WaveWall! I currently have the red case and the color is great! The case itself is very nice quality, sleek, and looks like something I would have bought even without the radiation protection! It amazes me how useful and protective my WaveWall is whilst also being very stylish. I highly recommend this case to anyone and especially to men who keep their phones in their front pockets–all of my male friends are getting one from me!

– Hannah


I loved the design of the case which fitted perfectly over my HTC One M8. Moreover, the pulling mechanism makes it feel [smart]. The “protection” provided, of course, puts my mind at ease. No doubt, you won’t regret buying this.
– Dan D


Excellent quality! Beautiful colours, the product is sturdy and strong. I am pleased with the texture of the leather used in this case. Now I can safely keep my phone in my pocket without facing any fertility related risk.

– Pratham S


The Range:

WaveWall Small

WaveWall Small

Measuring 65.5 x 132.4 x 6.7 mm

Ideal for the iPhone 5/5S, Samsung Galaxy Alpha and Samsung Galaxy S3

WaveWall Medium

WaveWall Medium

Measuring 68.2 x 137.4 x 9.3 mm

Ideal for the iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 5C, HTC One (M7), Samsung Galaxy S4, LG G2 and Nexus 5

WaveWall Large

WaveWall Large

Measuring 70.6 x 146.36 x 9.35 mm

Ideal for the HTC One (M8), Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung Galaxy S5 and LG G3

WaveWall iPhone 6

WaveWall iPhone 6

Measuring 67 x 138.1 x 6.9 mm

Ideal for the iPhone 6 or any phone of a similar size

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