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As many of you may be aware, there is an ongoing national campaign to positively promote homeopathy in the UK. From the creation of a new brand identity, to getting prominent figures to talk about how Homeopathy has worked for them, lots has been happening to try and promote the start of a new era in UK homeopathy.


Below is an article written by Mani Norland, Principal of the the School of Homeopathy, who has been heavily involved in the process and outlines what has been achieved so far and how we can all help to progress it even further:


Together, over the last 18 months we have:


  • • Researched media and journalists’ approaches to reporting on homeopathy
  • • Created a strategic positioning statement for homeopathy
  • • Developed key messages
  • • Created and circulated a new media code for homeopathy
  • • Organised media training for a pool of homeopaths
  • • Developed a media toolkit with stats and facts about homeopathy
  • • Engaged different PR agencies to help develop and run various campaigns
  • • Launched a celebrity campaign which was seen by millions (with thanks to the British Homeopathic Association for sharing their campaign with the wider community)
  • • Worked with Pentagram (one of the world leading brand agencies) to develop an instantly recognisable logo for homeopathy and registered homeopaths
  • • Created brand values for the new brand and homeopathy
  • • Sent a brand book explaining the new brand to every registered homeopath in the UK
  • • Started to build a brand campaign with the new logo
  • • Created the Find a Homeopath single directory –
  • • Launched YouTube videos about homeopathy –
  • • Launched the website in response to the flawed Science & Technology evidence check on homeopathy
  • • Engaged with the MRHA to defend and protect our access to homeopathic medicines and coordinated a national campaign where every MP was reached by constituents to ensure access to medicines was not restricted
  • • Engaged with the ASA to defend and protect the way we communicate about homeopathy
  • • Engaged with the Chief Medical Officer Dame Sally Davies about her out of place inflammatory remarks about homeopathy


As you can see we have already achieved a lot!


Sometimes it is hard to share with you what is going on as most projects are developed and launched behind closed doors, away from vocal critics and trolls. As we learn to work together more efficiently, our campaign will gain strength and momentum.


Right now we are working on:

  • • Building and developing a strong social media campaign
  • • A second celebrity campaign, see the new images on:
  • • Patient testimonials – see
  • • Building upon greater involvement with practising homeopaths, in order to raise public awareness of the potential benefits of homeopathy.


We also have many exciting new plans for next year and we would like you to help us by doing the following:

  1. Embrace the new logo – download the A4 logo poster and put it up wherever you can.
  2. Add a link from your site to the find a homeopath website.
  3. Spend five minutes filling in the have your say patient testimonial proforma.
  4. Ask others to fill in the have your say patient testimonial proforma.
  5. If you are on Twitter follow please tweet about @HomeopathyWFM.
  6. If you are on FaceBook, please ‘like’ and link to Homeopathy Worked for Me.
  7. If you blog or have a newsletter or newsfeed, share these action points with others.


The new logo/brand/website represents one of the group’s greatest achievements to date and it is the strongest vehicle for continued joint projects and patient focused communication.

We can now direct patients to one place, we have one brand to link us all together as a profession, and we have one platform from which to communicate publicly. It is the start of a new era in UK homeopathy and we invite everyone to get involved in making it work!


Please help where you can!


Best wishes

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