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We have long been supporters of the Amma Resonance Healing Foundation and all the work they are doing over in Africa, so it’s always nice to hear the latest news and how all their projects are going.


Their current fundraising goal is to raise €10,000 for a new vehicle in order to tour around Lake Victoria in August this year, providing much needed training and treatment as they go. We have already kickstarted their campaign with a donation of £1,000 but any spare change I am sure would be gratefully received.


Below is the information from their most recent newsletter, which you can read in PDF format here: ARHF Newsletter 2013



It’s been almost a year ago that we mailed the last ARHF newsletter. In the mean time a lot has happened, so it’s high time to send you an update and to inform you about exciting plans for the near future. Let me first give you a short impression of last year’s activities and then discuss with you an upcoming project for which your help is dearly needed.


In 2012 the CHINTHECHE HOMEOPATHY CLINIC, a CBO (community based organisation) run by Joseph Msumba and his staff, has been our main focus. Several volunteering homeopaths from Europe and the USA have visited Malawi to train the staff and to treat patients. Thousands of patients visit the clinic and through an active outreach programme treatment is also being made available in several villages in the Nkatha Bay District. Regular homeopathy and PC remedies are both being used in an integrated treatment model, which means that a wide variety of indications can be treated with good results. AIDS and malaria are the main indications and the success rates are very high. Personally I have been in Africa a dozen times and I’ve treated AIDS in some eight countries, and from all the cases I’ve seen I remember only one that didn’t seem to respond to PC1 – the disease specific resonance for HIV/AIDS. It still impresses me and also fills me with deep gratitude. Those of you that make this beautiful work possible by supporting ARHF, thank you!


A trip to Tanzania in November 2011 not only resulted in the treatment of thousands of refugees suffering from war trauma, but also raised a lot of interest in our programmes for AIDS, malaria etc. As I’m writing Nico Beentjes is in Tanzania to visit several places at the invitation of a long list of CBOs that have expressed a desire to work with us. Our network in the Grate Lakes Region is growing rapidly, and extends now from Malawi to Kenya, including Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda, DRC Congo and Uganda.


This region was first visited in 2008 and ever since local professionals have been using PC resonances and are in close contact with us. The pastors Flory Kazingufu Kasirusiru and Alain Mubigalo Mutiki are our main contacts, and through their network we are able to work with many CBOs and health professionals in Burundi and DRC Congo. An increasing number of people are being trained so an even faster growing number of people receive treatment for epidemic diseases and trauma. At you can watch several videos on this most important work. I’m very excited about the activities going on in places like Bukavu and Goma, where some of the moist severely traumatised people of the world live and where the trauma relief we offer is so much needed and appreciated.


Here is a truly amazing story. In the summer of 2011 I was member of staff in Byron Katie’s THE SCHOOL OF THE WORK in Germany. At some point Katie asked me to speak to two participants from Kenya as they might be interested in our work in Africa. These two were Sister Marianne and Pastor Gordon. A third African participant was Joseph Msumba who also joined us and shared his already long-term experience with PC1 for HIV/AIDS. We talked for an hour in which Gordon and Marianne showed keen interest as both were involved with AIDS support groups. The Hahnemann Pharmacy mailed remedies to the seminar venue and in another half hour I instructed them on how to prescribe PC1. A year later I visited Kisumu where they live. This area of Kenya, Nyanza, has the highest incidence of AIDS. Complete villages have died out. In the year, after the half hour training, Gordon had some 850 AIDS-patients under treatment and together with him I talked to many of them. An amazing experience as one after the other narrated how much they had improved. Energy had returned to their exhausted bodies, hope was glistening in their eyes and their hearts rejoiced. Their overwhelming gratitude felt like a warm bath and became a great stimulus to further expand the facilitation of PC1. I trained 30 assistants for Gordon and the use of PC1 is now growing like wild fire, not only in Nyanza, but also extending into Uganda.


Starting with Peter Chappell’s visit to Rwanda in 2005 we are active now in all countries near to Lake Victoria. The network that started in Kenya is rapidly nearing the one based in Burundi. By word of mouth more and more healthcare workers and CBOs get interested and request training and treatment. Therefore we have planned a tour around Lake Victoria in August this year. Starting in Kisumu we will visit Uganda, Rwanda, DRC Congo, Burundi, Tanzania to then return to Kenya. It will be a very busy programme involving training sessions in many places. The focus will mainly be on AIDS, Malaria and Trauma/Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. We’ll work with CBOs, church organisations, social workers, health professionals, women’s organisations – anyone that reaches out to those in need with an open mind and heart. You can help make this Magical Mystery Tour happen! We need a good car, not only to make the trip, but also as a permanent mobile clinic and training facility. We need €10,000! Not much if you consider that training hundreds of people implies treatment for ten thousands. Every euro will result in at least one person, maybe later hundreds and thousands, like in the story above, treated for AIDS, Malaria or Trauma of rape and war. If 100 people donate €100 we can make this happen.


In August 2012 the book Homeopathy for Diseases was published. Illustrated with a wealth of case-histories it explains the philosophy and practice of our work with epidemic diseases, trauma, intoxication and chronic diseases. Available at, and


Any homeopath interested in getting involved in the treatment of epidemics and trauma in Africa or other parts of the world is most welcome to work with us. You can be trained through skype or in person and ARHF can provide you with teaching material and remedies. Contact us at


You can help our projects by donating to the account below or via where you can pay through Paypal or Giftaid. Any amount helps. All donated money is used for projects. We don’t pay wages to ourselves and co-workers from the west, and only cover very basic expenses.


Harry van der Zee, MD


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