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Following the success of her book, PresentChild : A gift for you and your family, Janita Venema & colleague Jean Thompson are expanding their teaching through training courses now available to international students for the first time:


Are you a pioneer who can help to spread the successful PresentChild Method around the world?


PresentChild is a highly effective method for promoting family well-being based on homeopathic principles, whereby a child is the simillimum for parents, and the cured parent is in turn the remedy for the child.


The raw material PresentChild Translators work with is the story a parent tells about his/her child’s problem. This story is ‘translated’ to resonate perfectly with the parent’s life story. This is also the cure: feeding the story back to the parent gives rise to heartfelt insights; pennies drop, a chord is struck. This enables healing to takes place, not only in the parent, but also in the child.


Using the method, you will:

  • Uncover the essence of the problem immediately
  • Help both parent and child simultaneously
  • Begin a deep and lasting healing process; parents can never again not see the truth about their lives.


The method is now 18 years old. The tried and tested training which has given for 10 years, is now being offered to international students for the first time. The training will take place in the Netherlands in two 6 day blocks (1 to 6 June and 23 to 28 November 2013).


The aim is to find people who wish to be trained in the use of this method and who, if deemed suitable to do so, can teach and spread the method in their native country or region.


If this idea appeals to you, you can read the PDF leaflet here and visit the website: for more information or to apply. Please note that the closing date for applications is 22 February 2013.




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    I love looking through a post that can make men
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