Knead a Hand with your New Year’s Resolution?

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Every New Year thousands of us resolve to give up smoking or lose those extra pounds, but few of us make it past the end of January. This year could be different thanks to a whole new concept in the battle against weight gain and cravings.


Recently added to our ever growing range of products, Mohdoh is a cool new brand that combines aromatherapy, colour therapy and play therapy in a mouldable dough to create health boosting remedies like nothing you’ve seen before.


Multi award winning mohdoh heralds the next big step in kind healthcare and their New Year’s Resolution range are a must for anyone looking to kick the habit or lose a few extra pounds in 2013.


The Mohdohs themselves look like a cross between Playdoh and stress balls, but as you play with and mould them aromatherapy oils are released into the air and absorbed by your skin, whilst squeezing the dough itself helps relief cravings and keep you calm. Furthermore the Mohdohs colours have been picked specifically for the feelings and healing qualities they are thought to enhance.


Mohdoh Slim - Mouldable Aromatherapy

The Slim Mohdoh uses oils picked specifically to help with
weight loss and temptation – Fennel, Geranium, Patchouli and
Rosemary, and its blue colour is thought alleviate the anxiety
associated with dieting and has been proven to reduce appetite.


Then there’s the dough itself; not only does playing with it help relieve cravings but it’s also a whole load of fun that can occupy you during those moments when the lure of the biscuit tin is getting a little too much. Beating temptation has never been so easy and enjoyable…


“What a great product! It is lovely to have a natural product to help with dieting” –  Angela, Shrewsbury    

The Quit Mohdoh uses oils picked specifically to help with the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal – Black pepper, Cedarwood, Sandalwood, and its green colour is thought to aid relaxation and reduce the angst associated with trying to stop smoking.


Then there’s the dough itself, which helps keep stress at bay and your hands and mind occupied when you’d normally be reaching for a light.


“mohdoh Quit was a great help with my bid to stop smoking and I have now given up completely” – Charlie, Norwich

Mohdoh Quit - Mouldable Aromatherapy


Other Mohdoh’s available are:

  • Unwind – Gently calms and relieves stress and anxiety
  • Think – Stimulate and improves concentration
  • Travel – Relieves travel anxiety and nausea
  • Breathe – Provides comfort from coughs and colds
  • Sleep – Aids restful sleep
  • Calm – Relaxes people constantly on the go
  • Headeez – Relief from Headaches and Tension


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