Day 4 – 30% off SerSu Essences

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Day 4 - 30% off SerSu Essences

Get 30% off our entire SerSu Essences range,
simply add to your basket and save.


Personal Strength – 15ml/100ml

Suitable for adults and children, SerSu Personal Strength is designed to boost your self-image, empower you and help you cope with adversity.


Electro-Smog Protection – 15ml/100ml

Recommended for people bothered by:

• Mobile and cordless phones, computers
• Wireless networks
• High tech equipment in hospitals, airports and planes
• Pylons, power lines, transmission masts, antennae


Pollution Protection – 15ml/ 100ml

For anybody affected by inhaled toxins, chemical or natural. For symptoms that occur indoors or outdoors, when there are fumes, smells, moulds, pollen or dust – in a busy town, in the garden or countryside, on the motorway or in a newly refurbished building etc


Therapist Support 15ml/100ml

Recommended for people whose work is about helping others who find that:

• Their clients leave them feeling exhausted
• Consultations take forever
• Work threatens to have a negative effect on their personal life
• They are vulnerable to the negative energies of others



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