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Firework season is upon us and for some animals and pet owners it can be a very stressful time of year. If you have a pet that becomes distressed and upset at the sound of fireworks or loud noises, why not try Relax Animal Essence Blend from Creature Comforters.


Suggested for:

  • Emergencies
  • Fear of fireworks
  • Traumas
  • Show nerves
  • Accidents
  • Thunderstorms


Useful for ‘on the spot’ help for animals before, during of after any taxing, alarming or distressing event. Blended to help initiate a naturally settling process. Simply add to food, water or treats!


TIP: for an upcoming event (e.g. the firework season, dog show, gymkhana, long journey or a visit to the vets/groomers) administer up to 10 days prior to event – for best results.


Here is what some people are saying about Relax Animal Essence Blend:

  • Best thing ever used … Brilliant! 
- S. Cooper, Derbyshire
  • It has worked wonderfully for my 2 collies over this firework period. – J Owen, via email
  • Poppy, my greyhound, is a different dog now. She used to get very upset at fireworks, brass bands and the odd loud noise, but on the whole she is much calmer and returns to normal much quicker. She is aware of noises but doesn’t let them rule her life as before. Thank you for all your help, it really is appreciated. – L Allan, Yorkshire
  • Excellent item, really helped my dog’s anxiety – bluehutson1, via email
  • I am absolutely delighted with this Blend …it really helps my horse when he is having ‘new shoes’! I highly recommend people try it – and it’s completely harmless.  – Mrs Forbes Playfair, Norfolk


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