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When we learnt that one of our best selling natural mosquito repellents, “MozzyOff”, was no longer going to be manufactured, we set out to find a product that could fill it’s rather large, all-natural and effective, shoes.

We are pleased to say we have found just that in UK-based company Incognito.
With its clinically proven formula and all-natural ingredients, Incognito gives you the perfect protection from even the most tenacious of flying insects!


Incognito after-sun moisturiser uses a unique blend of natural ingredients to not only protect you from biting/stinging insects, but also soothe and moisturise the skin.
Utilising the well-known moisturising properties of Aloe Vera along with Korean Ginseng and Calendula extract, Incognito after-sun moisturiser helps nourish your skin back to well-being even after the toughest day in the sun.


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Incognito anti-mosquito spray is a powerful mosquito repellent that provides excellent protection against all mosquitoes and most biting insects.Unlike many popular insect repellents, Incognito is 100% natural and does not contain any harmful chemicals such as DEET so can be safely used on all the family, including young babies.


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in addition to cleansing & nourishing your hair, this award winning product can also be used as a body wash or shower gel.
Like all Incognito products, this Hair & Body Wash is made from all-natural ingredients and smells great. Use in conjunction with incognito mosquito repellent for an unprecedented level of natural protection from biting/stinging insects.


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