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Do we actually appreciate ourselves?

Whether we are employed or self-employed all of us face the challenge of maintaining enthusiasm for the things we do. Even those not working for money will have some sort of responsibility for looking after the household affairs be it doing the shopping, cooking or cleaning.

Often we are so overwhelmed by day-to-day responsibilities that we do not actually appreciate ourselves for all that we contribute –even worse our minds are often full of all the things that we haven’t done. This comment came my way:“I am my own point of reference. All the life that surrounds me is integrated and experienced through this “I.” I am like a transistor connected to radio waves. If I am clean and clear inside, I will get clearer messages. If I am lost in unfelt, unresolved emotional issues, my receivers will be impaired and I will not be in a position to get clear messages. I will tend to interpret experience in an overly subjective manner, seeing what goes on around me as either supporting or negating my position, and I will process experience through this colored lens.

Actually, there is no real path toward soul. When I sufficiently cleanse the self, soul is there. I will examine and work through the complex, dysfunctional patterns and traumas that the “I” has accumulated, so that I can be freer to experience soul.

I will see through a clearer lens.”

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